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That Feeling...

This feeling comes again
It always happens in the end
It wants to be your friend

It will never leave you
It will see you turn blue
Yes, its true.

Because it looks deep into your heart
It knows where to start.
It knows what will rip you apart.

It will take its time
Whispering into your mind
Making sure you'll never be fine

He will attack at night
And you'll act like a knight
But victory will never be in sight.

And the battle will be hell
But he has something to tell
And it will not end well.

Surrender is all you have to say
It can only happen this way.
Watch as your joy is blown away

Watch your dreams thrown into the fire
Lustful video's will be your desire
Because love is a liar.

And God doesn't care
So put on that apathetic stare
Because your soulmate will never be there.
I was feeling lonely when I wrote this
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May 23, 2011
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