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I Went To Work Today

I went to work today
Yet, I thought of you anyway
I guess my heart has something to say

I saw a video of you on facebook
So I thought I should take a look
But that was just a baited hook

And I heard your voice
And I was about to rejoice
But you made the wrong choice

So, I'm like stuck here
Longing for you near
But the farther I get the more you cheer

Does making me depressed make you glad?
You're a good girl gone bad
Isn't that quite sad?

Yet you act like a star
Avoiding the bars
But I think I know who you are

I once had your faith
Now I'm nothing but a wraith
And no loving thing is safe

But you don't care
With that Self-righteous glare
Can't hide your disdain with your beautiful hair

I went to work today
And hey
that all I really want to say.
It's true I did.
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August 25, 2012
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